Baked Camembert Bread Bowl

After watching a video of this recipe on social media I was desperate to give it a go. I took the opportunity of a family gathering to try it, and it was a great success. It’s simple and cheap to make but looks impressive and tastes great! Amazing for a starter at a dinner party.


  • All you need is a large loaf of bread (preferable something fresh and crusty), camembert, butter, garlic powder and parsley.


  • First, hold the camembert on top of the bread and trace a hole around it using a knife.
  • Then dig out the hole, just deep enough to fit the camembert into.
  • Next, put butter and garlic powder into a bowl and place it in the microwave to melt (or do this in a pan on the hob). Season with the parsley.
  • Use 1/4 of the garlic butter to smother the inside of the hole in the bread.
  • Cut a thin layer off the top of the camembert and place it inside of the bread.
  • Using a bread knife cut several horizontal then vertical lines on each side of the camembert so that you create even squares (careful not to tear the loaf when you move onto the 2nd lot of cuts).
  • Use the rest of the garlic butter to drizzle inside the cuts of bread.
  • Finally, place into the oven on 180° for around 20 minutes.

To eat just pull out the squares of bread and dip in the melted camembert.