Luna Cinema at Kensington Palace

Luna Cinema, London

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One of this summers big crazes is the outdoor cinema – watching a film under the stars at one of London’s iconic landmarks. Several companies are offering this experience in the capital such as Luna Cinema, The Nomad and Floating Cinema, at a variety of locations from the Tower of London to Kew Gardens and Battersea Park.

Luna Cinema at Kensington Palace

This week I headed to Kensington Palace to watch The Breakfast Club with Luna Cinema. It was a beautiful and warm evening in the city and the backdrop itself was stunning. The screen was located in the Palace Gardens next to the orangery.

Luna Cinema at Kensington Palace

There was both a bar and food stand on site with wine, beers, burgers and pizzas. You could also choose to bring in your own picnic and even your own alcohol (which was the much cheaper option which the majority of people opted for). Luna backrests and blankets were also available to buy.

Luna Cinema at Kensington Palace

The event itself was sponsored by DoubleTree by Hilton. As you entered you were given a free chocolate chip cookie, sunglasses and offered the opportunity to win a bed for the evening with a stocked minibar.

Luna Cinema at Kensington Palace

Excited by the prospect of being in the comfort of a large double bed, rather than on the blanket we had brought to sit on, and of course the free booze, we grabbed the sunglasses and proceeded to post our picture repeatedly on Instagram and Twitter… and guess who won!?!

Luna Cinema at Kensington Palace

Our photo popped up on the big screen and we were escorted by staff to the bed, feeling rather like celebrities as everyone watched in envy. There we settled down for the film with our free bottle of wine, cans of beer and multiple bags of crisps.

Luna Cinema at Kensington Palace

The night would have been great even on our picnic blanket with our pre-brought bottle of wine, but getting to enjoy the evening in our little VIP area did top it off for me. My advice to anyone going to one of Luna Cinema’s events would be to definitely enter the competition.

If you haven’t been to an outdoor cinema yet, don’t worry it’s not too late to go this summer. Most run until the end of September and still have tickets available.

Check out Luna Cinema’s schedule below:



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