Esquared Fitness App | No Contract Gyms and Fitness Classes in London

Update 2019: Esquared has now shut down and is no longer active in London for the time being.

Back in April 2018, when I quit my full-time job to become a freelance travel writer and blogger, my life became very different in a number of ways. The most prominent change is that I lost a lot of the structure that a 9-5 brings with it, including the set schedule and the regular income.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do now, it’s just much harder to plan my life out the way I used to.

Sometimes I’m swamped with work and up writing until midnight, other times I’m pretty free and able to take time off midweek.

Sometimes I’m in London all month, while at other times I’m off travelling most of the month. And sometimes I have a good income, whilst other times I simply haven’t had many well paid projects on and have to be more careful with my budget.

A part of my life which has been particularly affected by these changes is fitness. With the amount I’m away travelling, the regular evening events and uncertain monthly budget, I decided to cancel both my gym membership and boot camp fitness class membership (which all of us Londoners know isn’t the cheapest).

For me, the price of the memberships just wasn’t worth it for the amount I could actually go. Of course, this had an effect on my fitness and my general health, however it was a sacrifice I had to make for the sake of this new career path.

But recently I discovered a way of fitting fitness back into my hectic and uncertain lifestyle using a great new app called Esquared, which offers no contract gyms and fitness classes in London.

No Contract Gyms and Fitness Classes in London, Esquared App

So what is the Esquared Fitness App?

The Esquared Fitness App offers no contract gyms and fitness classes all across London. You don’t have to become a member of any of the gyms or studios, you just find the one you want to go to on the app, then book and pay for a one-off 2 hour gym session or fitness class.

The individual prices vary from £5 to £25 per session, depending on what type of fitness you want to do. One of the best things about the app, in my opinion, is that there are hundreds of venues all across London taking part, meaning it’s easy for me to head to a gym or class close to where I have a meeting or event that day.

Which gyms and classes are available?

With Esquared you can book no contract gym sessions at London gyms including Anytime Fitness, Muscleworks, MOB 45 and LivingWell, as well as independent studios and health clubs such as the Chelsea Health Club & Spa. You can even search the app for which particular facilities or machines you are looking for within the gyms.

You can also book a whole range of different fitness classes, including spin classes at Ride Republic and ONE LDN, HIIT classes and circuits with the likes of Train Dirty London and Swift Fitness, and Yoga at MoreYoga (to name just a few).

But my favourite thing about Esquared has to be that you can try some really unique fitness classes that I wouldn’t haven’t even though about doing before. You can go Hydro Biking (underwater spin), take a dance class at a nightclub or try your hand at Aerial Silks.

Download the Esquared Fitness App

Esquared is available to download on both Apple store and Google Play.

…and get £20 free credit

Use my esquared referral code ETARRIER23167 and get £20 contract free credit!

(That could be 2 free Yoga classes at MoreYoga… You’re welcome!)

This post was written in partnership with Esquared App but all opinions are entirely my own!