Top 5 Most Profitable Jobs in London in 2022

Top 5 Most Profitable Jobs in London in 2022
This post was written in collaboration with Jooble.

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London is one of the best places to grow as a young, career-driven person. The capital has one of the most advanced economies in the world, with most major companies having a prominent presence here. You’ll find many well-paying jobs that can help you to advance your career and beat the current cost of living crisis.

Plus, getting a great job in London no longer requires hours of searching and hopping trains to submit CVs. Unlike years gone by, you can now get all of the job information you need online. You can apply for top-paying jobs from the comfort of your home, using job aggregators such as Jooble and other such platforms.

Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in London for 2022

You can find a wide variety of top-paying careers in London. Not sure which career field to move into? I’ve collaborated with professionals from job aggregator Jooble to run you through the 5 most profitable trending jobs you can do in London for 2022…

Healthcare Professional

Human health is essential, which makes the demand for healthcare workers constant. Healthcare workers can range from paramedics to nurses and doctors. Due to the unending demand for health workers, working in the field is becoming increasingly profitable. There’s a ready market for you, and the pay is improving massively in recent years.

Registered nurses get paid an average of £36,000 per annum. dentists pay can be as high as £70,000, and Orthodontists can get over £80,000 yearly. Dermatologists, pediatricians, and plastic surgeons can earn over £90,000. The salary of nephrologists, anesthesiologists, and psychiatrists can be over £100,000 annually.


Brokers are one of the highest paid in London in 2022. Even though the job doesn’t require a specific degree, it does require excellent insight and analytical skills.

Brokers manage investment portfolios for their clients. They also advise their clients on what to invest in and when to pull out from an investment. Brokers mainly deal with managing investment assets. These assets range from stocks, shares, real estate, forex, insurance, and crypto.

There are different types of brokers— direct brokers and broker resellers. Being a direct broker is the most profitable for someone that wants to hit it big in the business. Each class can also be further classified based on the assets that they deal with. They include stock brokers, real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, etc.

Stockbrokers, foreign exchange brokers, and insurance brokers are the highest paid currently, earning up to £100,000 in base salary every year.

Enterprise Architect

From the name, you might think that enterprise architects are professionals you call to help
design a new building. But they are not. Instead, they are professionals responsible for establishing and maintaining an organization’s IT structure.

Technology is taking over the world fast, and everyone has to keep up in order not to get left behinf. This has made technology a significant role player in most businesses, creating the need for an enterprise architect’s job.

The role of an enterprise architect is to ensure that a company has an efficient IT system. They also maintain and upgrade the systems.

A degree in Computer Sciences with experience in IT is required for this role. Their average annual income is £71,000, and they can earn as high as £120,000 a year.


An actuary is one of the highest-paid jobs in London in 2022. Their average salary is £60,000, and they can earn up to £98,000 annually.

The job of an actuary is to analyze financial risks. They use their knowledge of Mathematics, Economics, Finance, and Statistical Analyses to get the job done.

Some universities and colleges offer a course in Actuarial Science. The course is a graduate course and covers a combination of many different subjects. However, it is worth noting that you need to pass some professional examinations to be certified as an actuary.

Personal Trainer

Personal trainers belong to the ever-growing body fitness industry. For many years now,
people’s concerns about how they look have increased, thereby increasing the need for
professionals that can help with that.

Personal trainers are professionals that help people achieve their body goals using workout regimens and exercise. It is an excellent job for someone who not only enjoys staying fit but is also passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals.

There is no specific academic qualification needed to be a personal trainer. However, a professional qualification from bodies like Central YMCA Qualification (CYQ), Active International Qualification, or REPs is necessary to operate as a personal trainer in the UK.

Personal trainers can work in a gym or fitness club. They can also work as a private personal trainer or even be self-employed. A personal trainer earns an average of £50 per hour, but can earn up to £120,000 annually if they work within top gyms with high-paying clients.

Career opportunities in London are countless, and many jobs have salaries are high enough to help you live comfortably during the current cost of living crisis. Of course, a degree helps significantly in getting a high-paying job; but there are also some profitable professions you can delve into without an academic background. All you need to know is the requirements for the job you want, and you can get started on your career journey in London.

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This post was written in collaboration with Jooble.