The Fulham House | From Local Sandwich Shop to Luxury Restaurant

The Fulham House, London

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Everyone has a local. A little place near to where you live, that may not be an Insta-hit and might not have people travelling halfway across the city to visit, but you know you can always rely on it for a great meal. You probably know the owners, and the other regulars too for that matter. You might have one table that you always sit at (like the Friends gang in Central Perk) or one thing that you always order because you know how delicious it is. But the best thing about it is that it’s your little secret.

Well, today I’m going to share with you my little secret in Fulham; The Fulham House.

The Fulham House, London

Located on Fulham Road, this hidden gem has been serving lunch to the residents and workers of Parsons Green and Fulham under the name ‘Pires Sandwich Bar‘. Their delicious sandwiches and friendly service has kept locals coming back again and again for the last 7 years (don’t believe me? – check out these glowing reviews).

In fact, the Cafe is so well loved that as of March 2018, the owners have decided to finally open its doors of an evening too and become a fully-functioning restaurant. With a fancy make-over and brand new evening menu, Pires Sandwich Bar became The Fulham House restaurant.

I had the pleasure of popping by on opening night to sample their new evening menu.

The Fulham House, London

For me, the starters had to be the best part of the menu. Dishes include chicken liver pâté, deep fried brie, breadcrumb squid, steak tartare and goats cheese bruschetta. Presented in a style fit for a Michelin-starred restaurant, every dish was full of delicious flavours and very filling for a first course.

Goats Cheese Bruschetta at The Fulham House, London

Goats Cheese Bruschetta

Steak Tartare at The Fulham House, London

Steak Tartare

For mains, there is a selection of classic homely dishes such as steak and chips, chicken and veg, a grilled beef burger with cheese and bacon, and roasted sea bass with mash. The type of no-frills, hearty meals that bring back a sense of nostalgia for childhood family dinners. Except that Fulham House do them much better (sorry mum!).

There are also some more ‘exotic’ options such as green coconut curry, halloumi and quinoa salad, and king prawn and pesto tagliatelle.

Chicken and Veg at The Fulham House, London

Chicken and Veg

Steak and Chips at The Fulham House

Steak and Chips

Finally for dessert, if you have any room left, you can round off the meal with a chocolate brownie or… well I was so mesmerised by the mouth-wateringly beautiful brownie I didn’t really notice what else was on offer. You’ll just have to visit yourself to find out.

Chocolate Brownie at The Fulham House, London

Chocolate Brownie

The Fulham House well and truly nailed their first night transitioning from cafe to restaurant, and with their loyal base of lunchtime regulars stopping by for dinner, it certainly won’t be long until it also transitions from hidden-gem to Fulham hot-spot.

With years of experience accommodating locals and passers-by alike, the staff are welcoming, friendly and attentive. The food is delicious and plentiful, and will definitely have guests coming back for more.

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The Fulham House

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    The food looks amazing! I will definitely try it when I visit London this summer! Thanks for sharing!