A Tudor Photoshoot in Knightsbridge

Tudor Photoshoot, London

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It’s always fun to find something new and a little different to do in London, and that’s exactly what I did recently when I headed down to the Old & New Photography Studio in Knightsbridge with a few friends for a Tudor themed photoshoot.

Old & New Photography have a lovely little studio hidden downstairs in a Knightsbridge tourist shop. They offer regular photoshoots as well 4 fun themed shoots; Tudor, Victorian, Gangster and Wild West. They have a great selection of gorgeous costumes and props, as well as several beautifully staged backdrops.

When we arrived we were given a catalogue of costumes to choose from. After we had picked we were ushered through to a changing area where the dresses were placed over our own clothes (the dresses wrap around you and fix at the back in order to fit all sizes, rather than going on like a normal dress – therefore it’s best to wear something simple underneath such as a vest and leggings). We were then able to pick out our jewellery and headgear and had our lipstick applied to match.

The shoot itself was great fun, with the photographer mixing up positions and props to get a variety of different shots. He also filmed the boys having a sword fight and sent us the video as a nice little bonus. See it on their Instagram here

After the shoot, we were offered tea and biscuits whilst being taken through the many photos on a large TV in the studio. We gradually narrowed it down to a few group shots and an individual shot each. We were given a great deal and got both prints and digital copies of all the photos we choose.

Old & New Photography Studio, Knightsbridge

All the photos are now proudly displayed in our flat, and often incite both confused and amazed reactions from guests. All in all, it was a great experience; the staff were lovely, the costumes were gorgeous and the photos came out great. The whole thing also ended up being much cheaper than expected, much better value for money than you might find in studios elsewhere in London.

Old & New Photography are currently on Groupon offering a one-hour photo shoot with one print included for £9.50 for 2 people, £14 for 4 and £19 for 6.

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