The Best Beaches in Kas, Turkey

The Best Beaches in Kas, Turkey

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Sitting on southern Turkey’s Lycian Way, a coastline known for its breathtaking scenery and vibrant turquoise waters, there’s certainly no shortage of fantastic beaches in Kas. From tiny coves to huge bays, secluded natural beaches to lively beach clubs, there’s somewhere to relax and unwind by the sea for everyone.

Not sure which Kas beach to go to during your stay? After three weeks in the coastal town, I managed to get to them all. So below is my guide to the best beach in Kas, with everything you need to know about location, facilities, atmosphere, and more…

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Key Things to Know About Beaches in Kas

  • Plajı = Beach. This piece of Turkish is vital to know when searching for Kas beaches on online maps etc.
  • Beaches in Kas are mostly pebble. Kas owes its crystal clear waters to the fact the seabed and beaches are pebble. The pebbles are fine and rounded enough to easily walk and sunbathe on. But you might want to bring water shoes for paddling in the water. For a sandy beach, head to Kaputuş.
  • Sunbeds and umbrellas cost a fee, but it’s super affordable. You’ll pay around 80TL (£2) to use a sunbed for a day on most beaches. It’s always best to check the price first though.
  • Beach clubs have private beaches. As well as the bigger Kas beaches on this list, there are several beach clubs with their own small private beaches for customers to use.

Kaş Belediyesi Halk Plajı

Kas Peninsula Beach

Kaş Belediyesi Halk Plajı (Kas Municipality Beach) sits on the Çukurbağ Peninsula and is my favourite beach walkable from Kas Old Town.

The spacious blue flag beach is well-maintained and has lots of room for sunbathing on the pebbles. During the high season you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas for a reasonable fee.

The water at the beach is great for swimming and snorkelling. The waves are gentle, the water is clear, and there are lots of little fish in the water for you to spot.

Cafe and lots of tables overlooking a beach in Kas Turkey
The cafe terrace overlooking Kaş Belediyesi Halk Plajı

The beach has a nice cafe and bar with affordable prices and a large terrace overlooking the water. There are also public toilets, showers, and a playground for children.

If you want to spend the full day at the beach in Kas, this is the place to go.

The only downside is that the beach area shuts at 7:30pm each evening, so you’ll have to leave and head elsewhere for sunset in the summer months.

How to get to Kaş Belediyesi Halk Plajı: The beach is located halfway along the Çukurbağ peninsula. It’s around a 30 minute walk from Kas Old Town. The walk takes you past some of the best viewpoints of the marina and town, so is worth doing. Alternatively, you can drive (there’s a good-sized car park) or jump on the local bus service that operates between the town centre and the peninsula every 30 minutes during the summer.

İnceboğaz Çınar Plajı

Small bay with deep blue waters, best beaches in Kas

At the narrowest point of Çukurbağ Peninsular is İnceboğaz Çınar Plajı.

Here you’ll find two small pebble beaches on either side of the peninsula, with just one road separating them in the middle. One beach faces Bucak Bay and the marina, and the other looks out to sea and Meis island.

The beaches don’t have any public facilities. But there is space for sunbathing on the pebbles and clear water perfect for swimming and snorkelling. If you prefer quieter and more natural beaches, these are two of the best beaches in Kas.

The busiest time to visit these Kas beaches is in the evening. As the light starts to fade, the beaches become popular meeting spots amongst locals and tourists who bring camping chairs and drinks to enjoy the sunset over the water.

How to get to İnceboğaz Çınar Plajı: The beaches are a 20 minute walk from Kas Old Town along Çukurbağ Peninsular. If you want to drive, there are a few parking spaces on the roadside. But you’ll need to arrive early to get one.

Küçük Çakıl Plajı (Little Pebble Beach)

Little Pebble Beach, best beaches in Kas Turkey
Small Pebble Beach during low season – the green platforms are where the sunbeds usually sit

Küçük Çakıl Plajı, or Little Pebble Beach, is the closest beach you can easily get to from Kas Old Town.

As the name implies, it’s a tiny pebble beach hidden away in a small cove. There’s not much room on the beach itself and it can get pretty busy during the summer season.

However, the small beach is home to some of Kas’s most popular beach clubs; Derya, Çınarlar, and Narr Beach.

Sat right on the waterfront next to the beach, these lively spots offer food and drinks menus, oceanside seating and sunbeds, and direct water access via stairs or ladders. Sunbeds are usually free to use if you’re spending money at the club.

How to get to Small Pebble Beach: Small Pebble Beach is a 5-10 minute walk from Kas Old Town and harbour. The beach isn’t visible from the road, so keep an eye out for signs.

Büyük Çakıl Plajı (Big Pebble Beach)

Big Pebble Beach in Kas Turkey

Büyük Çakıl Plajı, or Big Pebble Beach, sits just to the south of Kas along the coastline. There are a few things that make this Kas beach particularly special.

The first is that the water in the area is fed with spring water from the mountains. The sea here is clearer and cooler than normal thanks to the fresh spring water that mixes in.

The second is the number of great food options on the beach. There are six different restaurants on Big Pebble Beach, many of which specialise in fresh seafood dishes. Mermaid Beach Restaurant is my favourite, but you can’t go wrong with any of them.

The final reason is that it’s the best beach in Kas to watch the sunset.

As the sun begins to fade, the restaurants surrounding the beach put their tables out onto the pebbles overlooking the sea. This makes it one of the most romantic spots in Kas for a sunset drink or dinner. You can also bring along your own chairs and drinks to enjoy the sunset on the pebbles.

How to get to Big Pebble Beach: You can walk to Big Pebble from the town centre in around 20-25 minutes. Alternatively, you can drive (there’s good parking) or jump in a taxi, which won’t cost much.

Kaputuş Plajı – Best beach near to Kas

Kaputas Beach close to Kas Turkey

Kaputaş Plajı can be found around 20km north of Kas, towards the neighbouring town of Kalkan. 

Famous for its golden sand and turquoise waters, Kaputaş isn’t only one of the most beautiful beaches around Kas, but it’s considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Turkey.

The picturesque natural beach is sheltered by two steep cliffs to form a hidden bay. As you arrive via the coastal road, don’t miss the famous cliffside viewpoint. Here you’ll find the best photo opportunities of the beautiful bay itself. You then climb down a steep staircase to reach the beach.

While it’s a little further away than other beaches in Kas, a day sunbathing on the fine golden sand and swimming in the gorgeous Mediterranean waters of Kaputaş beach is an absolute must.

During the high season, umbrellas and sunbeds are available to use for a fee. Showers, toilets, and changing rooms are available all year round. There’s also a cafe selling drinks, snacks, and ice cream. Or bring your own for a beach picnic.

How to get to Kaputaş Beach from Kas: If you have your own hire car, you can drive from Kas to Kaputas in around 20 minutes. However, there is limited parking on the roadside so you’ll have to arrive early to get a space. The most convenient way to get to the beach is to jump on the public minibus (dolmuş) between Kaş and Kalkan which stops at the bay.

Akçagerme Plajı – Best beach in Kas for families

Located 5km west of Kas, on the same road to Kalkan as Kaputaş, is Akçagerme Plajı.

This local hotspot is one of the best beaches in Kas for families.

There’s lots of room for small children to run around on the spacious beach and paddle in the calm, shallow water. Next to the beach is a scenic parkland area where wild peacocks roam free. There are also two children’s playgrounds and a small waterslide area.

Then when you get hungry, the beach has a public barbeque area and a beachside restaurant with a large terrace overlooking the water.

Akçagerme Plajı has all the facilities you could need for a fun beach day in Kas with the family.

How to get to Akçagerme Plajı: The beach is a 50 minute walk or 5-10 minute drive from Kas Old Town. You can jump on a taxi or take the public minibus from Old Town.

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