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Restaurants in Kas Turkey

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There are countless reasons to visit the beautiful town of Kas on Turkey’s turquoise coast; the fascinating history, the beautiful beaches, the epic scenery, the lively atmosphere, and – of course – the amazing foodie offering.

Whether you’re looking for home-cooked Turkish delicacies, delicious international dishes, or tasty sweet treats, there’s a restaurant in Kas to find it.

After three weeks in Kas, I managed to eat my way around a good chunk of the town’s many restaurants and cafes. And after much deliberation, I’ve narrowed down my favourites to these top 6 places to eat in Kas Turkey…

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Yeşil Restaurant – Best Homemade Turkish Food in Kas

Buffet style food in Kas Turkey

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ll know that my #1 foodie travel tip is to ask the locals for their favourite restaurants. So that’s exactly what I did when I first arrived in Kas. And without exception, Yeşil Restaurant made an appearance on everyone’s list of best places to eat in Kas.

Three weeks and many visits later, it’s safe to say that they were not wrong. Yeşil very quickly became one of my favourite places to eat in Kas too.

About Yeşil Restaurant in Kas:

The family-run Turkish restaurant is located just outside of the picturesque Old Town, meaning it’s not somewhere you might stumble across by accident.

The unsuspecting hotspot isn’t flashy or extravagant, but that’s part of its genuine charm. It’s somewhere unpretentious to eat delicious and authentic homemade Turkish food in Kas. You can practically picture the Turkish grandma slaving away in the kitchen over generations-old family recipes.

Yeşil is also one of the most affordable restaurants in Kas. It’s much cheaper than the more touristy restaurants in the Old Town, so it’s a great option if you’re travelling on a budget.

What to eat at Yeşil Restaurant:

Traditional Turkish dishes in Kas Turkey

Yesil is a traditional Turkish canteen-style restaurant. Everything is homemade and most dishes are cooked in bulk and served at the main counter, where you can peruse the many tasty options.

Moussaka – a Turkish dish of minced meat and aubergine – with a side of rice became my go-to. You’ll also find traditional lentil soup, kofte (meatballs) and potatoes, plenty of vegetarian dishes, and more.

You can order other dishes from the menu too, including pide (Turkish pizza) and some of the best kebabs in Kas.

Everything is delicious, so you really can’t go wrong no matter what you order.

Kaşık Mantı Ev Yemekleri – Best Manti in Kas

Manti restaurant in Kas Turkey

Manti is a distinctive Turkish speciality that everyone needs to try at least once.

Manti originates from the Cappadocia region of Turkey. So if you want to try the best manti in Turkey, this is where you’ll find it.

But if you’re looking for somewhere in Kas to try this unique dish, you won’t find anywhere better than the lovely family-run restaurant Kaşık Mantı.

About Kaşık Mantı:

Kaşık Mantı sits right on the main square in Kas Old Town. Most seating is outside, with tables spilling right into the lively public square. The Kas restaurant is a great place for people-watching and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the busy Old Town at any time of day.

Right next door to Kaşık Mantı is a popular bar with live bands each evening. If you eat late, you’ll get to enjoy the live music for free while dining.

What to eat at Kaşık Mantı:

Manti in Kas Turkey

Manti – of course!

Manti is a popular Turkish dish consisting of tiny dumplings stuffed with spiced ground meat and usually served with melted butter, garlic yogurt, and spices. Some call manti ‘Turkish pasta’ or ‘Turkish ravioli’.

The restaurant specialises in delicious homemade manti. It serves various types of manti to cater to all tastebuds. You can try boiled or steamed, meat or vegetarian, and spicy or mild manti.

There’s not much else on the menu other than manti. You really only come here for one thing. They also don’t serve alcohol. If you want a drink, just pop to the bar next door once you’ve finished eating.

Kas Pazar Market – Best Gözleme in Kas

There’s nothing better than seeing your food being made from scratch right in front of your eyes. That’s the beauty of eating at markets. And Kas market is the place to find some of the most delicious homemade food in Kas. It’s the place to go for a quick, cheap, and tasty Turkish meal.

About Kas Market:

Kas Pazar Market takes place close to Kas bus station every Friday between 8am and 7pm. The large market sells everything from fresh produce to knock-off designer clothes and tourist trinkets.

But the highlight of Kas’s weekly market has to be its food area, with lots of small local traders cooking up homemade gözleme, lavaş and other delicious Turkish treats.

What to eat at Kas Market:

Gözleme is the most popular thing to eat at Kas market.

Gözleme is a traditional Turkish flatbread stuffed with various fillings. It is often referred to a ‘Turkish pancake‘ or ‘Turkish crepe’.

All the gözleme at the market is made from scratch, so you can choose your fillings. Feta cheese and spinach is one of the most popular gözleme fillings (and my favourite). You can also get beef, lamb, spiced potato, mushrooms, various kinds of cheese, and lots more.

Gözleme can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or a mid-afternoon snack. The portions are pretty big, so make sure you arrive hungrily. Or just share one portion between two people.

Pişekar – Best Vegan Food in Kas

Pişekar vegan food in Kas Turkey, colourful cafe with outdoor seating

It’s not difficult to find vegan and vegetarian food in Kas. There are several dedicated restaurants, while most others have at least some options on their menus. You’ll be spoilt for choice. But for the best vegan food in Kas, Pişekar is a must-visit.

Even if you’re not vegan, their tasty and nutritious homemade vegetable dishes make for a welcome break after all the kebabs you’ve probably been eating in Turkey – or this is how I felt anyway.

About Pişekar:

Pişekar is a little boho-chic style cafe on the base of Kas’s peninsula. It has the same vibe as the cute little health cafes you’d find in the likes of Bali or LA.

The cafe has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with friendly staff who are more than happy to chat and give you recommendations for your visit.

What to eat at Pişekar:

Pişekar is 100% vegan. The menu feature burritos, wraps, salads, soups, veggie bowls, and more. Most of the dishes feature ingredients such as falafel, mushroom, tofu, and tempeh.

I’d recommend the falafel bowl, which comes with Pişekar sauce, black chickpeas, fresh greens, lettuce, pickles, basmati rice, vegetables, and falafel. The bowls are packed with fantastic flavours.

There are also vegan desserts, fresh juices, fruit smoothies, and hot drinks available.

Oxygen Bar – Best Burgers & Fries in Kas

Turkey may be best known for its kebabs. But that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the rest of the country’s delicious cuisine too. Burgers are also extremely popular in Turkey. And Kas is no exception. You’ll find several restaurants and cafes in town serving a great selection of tasty burgers. But my personal favourite burgers have to be at Oxygen Bar.

About Oxygen Bar:

Oxygen Bar is a chilled little restaurant and bar sitting on luxurious Kas Marina, overlooking the turquoise waters and rows of sailboats and yachts docked up in the Mediterranean town.

The open-front waterside bar is British-themed, with Union Jacks and photos of the Queen and the Beatles lining the walls and quirky knick-knacks covering the bar. The seating consists of wooden bar stalls, wine barrel tables, and bright orange bean bags scattered on the grass outside.

A couple of nights a week the bar hosts local bands who serenade you with live blues and jazz music as you watch the sunset over the marina with an Aperol Spritz in hand.

What to eat at Oxygen Bar:

Chicken burger at Oxygen bar, where to eat in Kas Turkey

Oxygen Bar has an extensive cocktail, wine, and beer menu, with a great selection of pub grub to pair with your drinks. You can choose from the likes of burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings, falafel, salads, and more.

The burgers are some of the best you’ll find in Kas. And the chunky fries are a must-order too (don’t forget the spicy mayo!).

Being on the marina, the food and drinks at Oxygen Bar are a little more expensive than other restaurants in Kas. But it’s definitely worth the extra money for the tasty food, gorgeous views, and all-around great atmosphere.

Linckia Roastery Cafe – Best Spot in Kas for Coffee and Cake

As a huge coffee lover (read: snob), I made it my mission to work my way around the town’s many cafes and coffee shops in pursuit of the best coffee in Kas. And I eventually found it at Linckia Roastery Cafe.

About Linckia Roastery Cafe:

Linckia Roastery Cafe sits on the base of the Peninsula and is a popular spot with Kas’s expat and digital nomad community. The large cafe has plenty of seating inside and outside, which is usually filled with people working on laptops. If you need somewhere to work in Kas – this is the place to go!

What to eat/drink at Linckia Roastery Cafe:

It only takes one glance at the intimidating equipment behind the counter to realise this is somewhere that knows their coffee. And the extensive menu backs up this sentiment.

The speciality coffee shop roasts its own coffee beans, with quality blends from all across the world. You can choose from more than 50 kinds of coffee; drip coffees, Turkish coffees, iced coffees, and plenty of special types. And having tried several of them myself, you really can’t go too wrong!

You can also order tasty desserts, including the indulgent oreo cheesecake and the not-too-sweet yogurt brownie, to accompany your coffee. Sometimes you’ve got to treat yourself!

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