Palm Court Brasserie | Best Value Sunday Lunch in Covent Garden

Palm Court Brasserie | Best Value Sunday Lunch in Covent Garden

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Finding a great Sunday Lunch in London is a very real problem for roast dinner snobs like myself.

High-end restaurants may be tasty but there’s never quite enough to satisfy, whereas a slightly cheaper pub will give you quantity but not the same top quality.

I have yet to find a Sunday Lunch which quite lives up to the same standard as a good old-fashioned home-cooked roast, and therefore have decided to make it my mission to find the perfect roast dinner in London!

And this is where my mission starts, Palm Court Brasserie Covent Garden.

Palm Court Brasserie Covent Garden

I found Palm Court Brasserie through a deal on and was eager to give it a go. A 3 course Sunday Lunch with half a bottle of house wine for only £20 per person.

Why wouldn’t you try it out!?

The restaurant was easy to find, overlooking the piazza in Covent Garden, and had a classic and elegant feel from the outside. Inside you enter a 1920’s Parisian-style brasserie with art nouveau decor.

Palm Court Brasserie Covent Garden

The Sunday Lunch menu had a good variety to choose from, with several tasty sounding starters, 3 types of roast, a salmon main and vegetarian option, and plenty of desserts to finish with.

Palm Court Brasserie Covent Garden

To start, I went for the wedge of brie in filo pastry with cranberry chutney – which was definitely my favourite part of the meal! – whilst Damien tried the crab and avocado.

Palm Court Brasserie Covent Garden

And now for the most important part… the roasts!

I went for the topside of beef, which came with potatoes, roast veg, savoy cabbage and a giant Yorkshire pudding. Damien ordered the roast chicken, served with potatoes, buttered carrots, greens, pigs in blankets, sage and onion stuffing and bread sauce.

The selection of trimmings was one of the best things about Palm Court’s roast. Any restaurant that offers pigs in blankets shoots straight to the top of my list! There was an option to add additional sides, however between the two meals we managed to have a portion of everything to try.

The best parts of the meal for me had to be the Yorkshire pudding, I appreciate the large size, the pigs in blankets and the sage and onion stuffing, which was extremely tasty. The meat servings were generous and the chicken was tender, however, the beef was a little chewy in parts. The roast potatoes were a little overcooked for my liking, however, soaked in gravy they were actually very nice.

At first, there was a lack of gravy on the plate, but after asking for more we were delivered a whole gravy boat full… perfect!

Palm Court Brasserie Covent Garden

Finally, for dessert, I went for the chocolate tart, which in hindsight was a bit of a mistake. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious, however a little too rich after an already filling meal. Next time I’d definitely try the Tuscan cheesecake.

Palm Court Brasserie Covent Garden

Overall, Palm Court Brasserie surprised me with their great value Sunday Dinner. The meal was definitely worth the £20, and more! The portions were large and the half a bottle of wine was a nice bonus.

The selection of trimmings with the roast was great, however, the meat was not quite up to the standard I would have liked. My favourite part of the meal, which will have me back at Palm Court very soon, was unfortunately not their roast but the baked brie in filo pastry, definitely worth a try!

If you have any recommendations for the best roast dinner in London, please let me know in the comments below.

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