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Poshed Up Junk Food WeFiFo London

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You wake up on a Sunday morning after a big night out, dry-mouthed and head spinning. After dragging yourself out of bed at midday and downing 5 pints of water you gradually build up the energy to jump in the shower and wash the smell of booze off of you. Then what? Well if you’re anything like me it’s food time! Junk food in particular. Pizza and burgers or anything greasy and carby that will soak up any remaining alcohol in your system.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t my usual Sunday routine. But on the odd occasion that I do go on a big night out with friends, I can’t quite handle the hangover like my 18-year-old self used to.

Last Saturday I headed out for a friends birthday and woke up in the morning feeling a little worse for wear. However, luckily for me, there was no need to pick up the phone and order in a Dominos as I had something rather special lined up to satisfy my cravings…

A 7-course junk food dinner!

And not just any junk food. ‘Poshed-Up Junk Food’ by Chef Ronnie Murray as part of a WeFiFo supper club!

Poshed Up Junk Food WeFiFo London

Onion Rings with seaweed salt and saffron mayo

WeFiFo, short for We Find Food, is a company that connects home cooks, supper club hosts and food skills event organisers with diners in their local community.

All you have to do is create an account on their website and you can start hosting and attending events. Anyone can host a WeFiFo event, whether it’s cooking for guests at your kitchen table or running a class at a local community centre. But if you’re more like me and are more of an eater than a cook, you can just sign up and attend as many events as you want!

Poshed-Up Junk Food was my first Supper Club with WeFiFo. So here’s how it went…

Poshed-Up Junk Food WeFiFo Supper Club London

Buttermilk fried chicken nuggets with creamed corn and chicken popcorn

Held after-hours at Louie Louie, a cute little cafe on Walworth Road, our supper club was hosted by Chef Ronnie Murray, Chef Director at Peckham Manor.

The 7 courses consisted of:

  • A Coke float
  • Canapé of red and white onion rings with seaweed salt and saffron mayo
  • Buttermilk fried chicken nuggets with creamed corn and chicken popcorn
  • Salmon fillet-o-fish, wrapped in puff pastry with salmon eggs, iceberg lettuce broth and tartare sauce
  • Skinny fries with seasoned chip fat, cheese sauce, black truffle, red Leicester and spring onion
  • The Big Mick beef burger with a brioche bun, bacon Welsh rarebit, burger sauce and jalapeno mayo
  • A strawberry thick shake 
Poshed Up Junk Food WeFiFo London

Salmon fillet wrapped in puff pastry with salmon eggs, iceberg lettuce broth and tartare sauce

My favourite course had to be the chicken, which considering I’m not usually a massive fan of sweetcorn or popcorn is a huge feat, but the mix of the crispy skinned chicken with the creamy corn and salty popcorn just worked so well together!

This was closely followed by the burger which melted in my mouth just the way a great burger should. Everything from the brioche bun to the accompanying slaw was made from scratch by Ronnie himself which impressed me thoroughly. Plus the Union Jack Flag was a nice touch.

Poshed Up Junk Food WeFiFo London

The Big Mick beef burger with a brioche bun, bacon Welsh rarebit, burger sauce and jalapeno mayo

Being a supper club, the dinner was certainly not ‘fast food’, with the 7 dishes spread out over roughly 2.5 hours. However, with a full drinks menu from Louie Louie (I wasn’t quite ready to drink again but many around me were) and the great atmosphere of the dinner party, the time flew by quickly.

Ronnie himself was a lovely and entertaining host, accompanying each dish out of the kitchen to explain what it was and how he had planned it, along with a touch of his sarcastic British humour.

So how much would an event like this set you back? The 7 course Poshed-Up Junk Food was just £40 per head, but WeFiFo events can range from £10-£100 depending on the host, menu and location.

Would I go again? Definitely! I’ve already been browsing the available events for which one I’m going to attend next. Plus on WeFiFo you can collect ‘cookies‘ for booking, hosting, reviewing and more to spend on future events.

How can you attend Poshed-Up Junk Food? Popular Supper Clubs such as this one often happen more than once, so keep checking back on WeFiFo to find out when the next one might be.

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Thank you to WeFiFo for hosting me and Love Pop-Ups London for organising. All opinions are entirely my own.

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    I am so happy to hear after your brilliant experience that you are looking in attending future supperclubs via WeFiFo.