Street Feast Hawker House | Canada Water’s night time street food market

Street Feast Hawker House | Canada Water’s night time street food market

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Street Feast Hawker House, one of Street Feast’s four venues, is a quirky split-level converted warehouse in Canada Water (Jubilee Line) filled with some of London’s best street food vendors and numerous bars. Opening at 5pm and remaining open until late on Fridays and Saturdays, Hawker House is a great place to meet with friends and grab some food and drinks in a cool venue with a chilled, friendly atmosphere.

After popping by once, but not being able to stay for long and not really getting a chance to properly experience it, I’ve been keen to return to Hawker House for a while now. Last Friday I suggested to a friend meeting there straight after work for dinner and some drinks.

Street Feast Hawker House

As we came out of the tube station there were a couple of girls waiting outside in branded t-shirts giving directions to the warehouse – this came in handy as unless you work in the area, Canada Water isn’t a place most people know particularly well. It turns out the venue was less than a 5 minute walk away from the station down one main road, so not too hard to find anyway.

Arriving at 6:30 it was relatively quiet at first, however, it did get a lot busier later in the night. Entry was free for us at this time, then after 7pm it goes up to £3.

As you first go in there is a large main room filled with food stalls and the main bar which spans across the whole back wall. You then turn left into a second large room which also has an upstairs maisonette floor with a bar overlooking the rest of the venue.

Street Feast Hawker House

First, we headed to grab some drinks. There is a huge variety of wine, beer, spirits and cocktails on offer at the multiple bars. We started with a celebratory glass of prosecco (for £6 a glass) then moved on to white wine by the bottle (£20 for the house bottle).

There is plenty of room to sit and eat or drink, with many of the street food vendors and bars having their own areas, along with long communal tables in the centre of both rooms.

There are also 2 beer pong tables where if you buy 6 beers for £30 you get the cups, balls and use of a table. Great way to kick off the night!

Street Feast Hawker House
After working up an appetite we decided to grab some food – which is a slightly stressful experience with so many food stalls to choose from!

For our first course, we went for Yum Bun‘s delicious fluffy steamed buns filled with beef and pork belly (£7 for 2). The bun has a slightly strange texture if you’ve never tried this type of food before, but it is what makes the dish unique. The beef filling was slightly spicy whilst the pork belly had a distinctive barbecue taste. Small portions but light and tasty, so a good way to start a food tour of Street Feast Hawker House.

Street Feast Hawker House

We then headed over to Up in my Grill for their Argentinian inspired steak special. This was a 35 day dry aged ribeye served with beef fat fries, rocket and riesling juice béarnaise. This dish was a little pricey for street food at £18, but for the high quality, it was definitely good value for money. The steak was cooked to perfection whilst both chips and béarnaise sauce were equally delicious.

If you’re just going for the one stall I’d certainly recommend this, however, if you’re wanting to try a few different dishes around the venue you might want to share this plate like we did as it is very filling.

Street Feast Hawker House

Finally, for dessert, I got to try Chin Chin’s legendary nitro ice-cream. Chin Chin Labs is Europe’s first liquid nitro ice cream shop with a permanent location in Camden Market, whilst also travelling down to Canada Water on Friday and Saturday nights.

Their scientific ice-cream making method is something I’ve been wanting to experience ever since it first came to London, and it didn’t disappoint. Watching the ice-cream being made in the kitchen had a slight feel of the Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory about it with gushes of steam regularly seeping out of the machines.

Street Feast Hawker House

I went for the S’mores-wich, which consisted of vanilla ice-cream sandwiched between two chocolate cookies with a giant melted marshmallow, melted chocolate and cinnamon.

I can quite honestly say this was the best dessert I have ever tasted (it may have something to do with my already existing love of s’mores and ice-cream)! The combination of all the flavours and textures was gorgeous, whilst the cinnamon gave it a warming Christmassy feel.

Street Feast Hawker House

Street Feast Hawker House also has a large outdoor space, which obviously in November isn’t quite as popular as it would be during the summer. However, the numerous fire pits still make it a pleasant place to go for some air or a cigarette during the night.

Street Feast Hawker House

Street Feast Hawker House stays open until late, and being on the Jubilee night tube line you could easily spend your entire night here with its vast alcohol selection, beer pong tables and great music. Or, with only a 20 minute tube ride from Canada Water to Leicester Square, you could do as we did and use it as a starting point for a night out in central.

Visit Street Feast Hawker House:

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