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Tommi's Burger Joint London

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Who is Tommi?

Tomas Anpres Tomason, or Tommi as he is better known, is an Icelandic man who started in the burger business in 1981 by opening Tomma-Burger in Iceland. Over the next 20 years, he went on to open several other restaurants and bars all over Iceland, including Rekjavik’s Hard Rock Café in 1987.

In April 2004, Tommi finally returned to the burger business and opened his first ‘Burger Joint’ in Geirsgata. The restaurant quickly grew in popularity and started to spread across the world. Today there are 6 in Iceland, 3 in London, and ones in Oxford, Copenhagen, Berlin, Rome and Oslo.

Tommi’s Burger Joint

Tommi’s London Takeover

Since the opening of its new Soho store last year, there are now 3 Tommi’s in London;

  • Kings Road, Chelsea
  • Thayer Street, Marylebone
  • Berwick Street, Soho.

I’ve been visiting the Kings Road branch for several years now and it’s one of my favourite spots for a cheap and cheerful lunch or dinner. Despite being located on the street made famous by TV show Made in Chelsea, Tommi’s has a very casual, homely and laid back vibe, with some of the friendliest staff in London (and not in the annoying over the top kind of way).

With its wooden furniture, makeshift cardboard signs, quirky memorabilia and splattering of fairy-lights, I can tell you, having had the opportunity to visit one of the Icelandic restaurants, Tommi’s definitely hasn’t strayed far from its heritage.

Tommi’s Burger Joint

The All-Important Burgers

After babbling on about its history and aesthetics, it’s probably about time I got to the important bit… the food!

Tommi’s menu is simple – hamburger, steak burger, chicken burger, veggie burger and fries. Extras such as cheese, bacon, and avocado can be added to the burgers, and the fries can be swapped out for sweet potato fries, but asides from this there’s absolutely no other food on offer. So basically if you don’t like burgers (who are you people!?), then don’t go to Tommi’s!

However, if you do love burgers (like the rest of us normal folk), then get yourself down to Tommi’s ASAP! Succulently cooked meat served on a soft bun with salad and paired with a deliciously addictive portion of crispy fries. What more could you want?

Plus, Tommi’s drinks menu has plenty of options, including soft drinks, milkshakes, wine and beer.

Tommi's Burger Joint

Offer of the Century

Another great thing about Tommi’s is that, unlike many other modern gourmet burger joints, it won’t set you back too much. And if you’re heading to the Chelsea store, you can finally eat on Kings Road without forking our half of your life savings! Their ‘offer of the century’ includes a burger, fries and drink for only £10.90! Or if you’re coming with kids you can order the family meal which includes 2 burgers, 2 kids burgers, 4 fries and 4 drinks for just £29.90.

Tommi’s Burger Joint

The DIY Sauce Stand

I’m unashamed to say that one of my favourite things about Tommi’s has to be the amazing selection of sauces on offer. In each restaurant stands a collection of almost every sauce you could imagine, from the basics such as ketchup, mayo and mustard, to more extravagant options such as Guinness steak sauce and sweet chilli & pineapple.

Tommi’s also allows you to take your own gherkins, jalapenos, crispy onions and salsa, so if you’re a gherkin fiend like me you can add as many as you like to your burger (and even grab a few extra to snack on too – don’t judge!).

For such a simple idea, this is the thing for me which really makes this Tommi’s stand out from the crowd. They supply the basic burger and you customise it to your heart’s content.

Tommi’s Burger Joint

Tommi’s Burger Joint

Find out more on their website here.

Love burgers? You won’t want to miss this amazing London burger joint!


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