Absurd Bird Soho | A Slice of the US Deep South

Chicken on Waffles at Absurd Bird

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Here’s something you probably didn’t know about me… I worked at Nando’s for 9 months whilst studying at University.

During this time I would literally eat Nando’s at least once, and sometimes twice, per shift.

After the first week, I thought to myself ‘I’m never going to want to eat chicken again after this‘, however, 9 months later Nando’s chicken was still one of my favourite dishes in the world.

To this day I’m still chicken obsessed, and will never say no to a ‘cheeky’ Nando’s (Oh God – did I really just say that!?).

So when I heard about Absurd Bird and it’s US deep south fried chicken shack in Soho (there’s also one in Spitalfields) I knew I had to pop by with my food-grammar friend @mypetiteLondon to check it out…

The Restaurant 

The restaurant itself is hidden down a back alley (like everywhere in Soho) and looks small from the outside.

However, once you’ve walked past the bar and two upstairs tables, you descend down a staircase to find another larger bar, brewing its own home-made moonshine, and several more tables.

The chilled-out atmosphere inside, combined with the comfy sofas, stacked bookshelves and friendly staff, perfectly compliments the menu of Southern-style comfort food.

Absurd Bird Soho

Absurd Bird Soho

The Food at Absurd Bird Soho

Absurd Bird serves chicken in every way you can imagine, from wings, tenders, burgers, sliders and even on waffles, alongside mouthwatering sides such as ‘Dirty Mac & Cheese’ and ‘Dirty Fries’.

The dishes are inspired by both the culinary traditions of the US deep south, as well as the colours and flavours of the London street food movement, making for many unique flavour experiences.

My favourite dish without a doubt was the chicken and waffles with maple syrup. Think of the iconic Duck and Waffle, but with fried chicken instead. Another one of those dishes which sounds like it doesn’t belong but will absolutely blow your mind. I haven’t stopped craving it since!

You can also get the ‘Soho special’ – a waffle cone with popcorn chicken, lettuce, tomato and mayo.

Absurd Bird Soho

As we were sharing we also decided to get a selection of the sliders. Some came as mini burgers and, much to our surprise, some in bao buns.

They’re all small enough that you can easily try a few and experience the many different exciting flavours. It’s amazing how many things you can do with chicken!

My favourite had to be the ‘Fried Chicken Dirty Bun’ with sriracha mayo, pickled cucumber and pickled onion (bottom right).

Absurd Bird Soho

The Drinks at Absurd Bird Soho

Wash your food down with an Absurd cocktail or an award-winning authentic Moonshine shooter and you have yourself a real slice of the Deep South without even leaving London. If you like your drinks sweet then definitely try the Vanilla MoonPie shooter!

Absurd Bird Soho

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