Where to Find the Best Chicken and Waffles in London


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Chicken & waffles – the indulgent and extremely popular American comfort food dish which has swept across the UK in the last few years.

It’s safe to say this has also become one of my absolute favourite foods in the world, and luckily for me, there are some amazing restaurants serving chicken and waffles right here in London.

So after a lot of research (poor me!), here’s my definitive list of where you can find the best chicken and waffle dishes in London…

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The best chicken and waffles in London


Absurd Bird

Where? Soho and Spitalfields.

Chicken and waffles at Absurd Bird London

Chicken and waffles (Photo credit: @absurdbirduk Instagram)

Not only are Absurd Bird home to some of the most delicious bog-standard chicken and waffles London has to offer, but they also have the most creative and diverse chicken and waffle menu in the city.

For those after an indulgent chicken and waffle breakfast, try the Absurd Benedict; fried chicken, waffle, poached egg and a decadent hollandaise sauce.

You can enjoy this unique dish at the weekend as a part of Absurd Bird’s fantastic bottomless brunch deal of 2 courses and unlimited beer, hooch or bubbles for just £35 per person.

Chicken and waffles with poached egg and hollandaise sauce at Absurd Bird London

Absurd Benedict (Photo credit: @absurdbirduk Instagram)

For lunch and dinner you have the option of the larger traditional Absurd Waffles, cheesy chicken waffles or PBJ waffles with bacon jam and peanut butter.

Or try mixing a couple of the slightly smaller but equally delicious chicken and waffle sliders, including blues chicken with blue cheese sauce, Louisiana chicken and the BLT chicken.

Vegans and veggies can also enjoy Absurd Bird’s meat-free vaffles with vegan chicken, waffles, peanut butter dressing and maple syrup.

Chicken sliders & chicken and waffles with gravy in London

Chicken sliders & chicken and waffles with gravy (Photo credit: @absurdbirduk Instagram)

Throughout the year you should also keep an eye out for Absurd Bird’s seasonal specials, which in the past have included the Christmas gingerbread chicken & waffles with turkey bacon and cranberry sauce and the Thanksgiving pumpkin waffles with fried chicken, turkey bacon, pumpkin cheesecake sauce & chicken gravy.

In my opinion, Absurd Bird is THE home of London’s best chicken and waffles!

Price for chicken & waffles: £7.25 (sliders) – £13.25.

Visit their website.




Killa Waffles

Where? Camden.

Killa Waffles is the newest entry on this list (opened in summer 2020) but immediately became one of my favourite places for delicious chicken and waffles in London after just one visit.

Sat within Camden’s new Buck Street Market, Killa Waffles is a street food stall serving savoury waffle cones and waffle burgers, with buttermilk chicken and other indulgent ingredients.

While there are several tasty options to choose from, the Killa Mac & Cheese is my go-to every time; a cheddar waffle cone with crispy buttermilk chicken mixed with mac and cheese and any sauce.

A unique and delicious take on the traditional chicken and waffle dish. Thank me later!

Price for chicken & waffles: £9-11.

Visit their website.




Dirty Bones

Where? Kensington, Carnaby, Soho and Shoreditch.

Chicken and waffles at Dirty Bones London

Chicken and waffles & breakfast waffles (Photo credit: @dirtyboneslondon Instagram)

Despite having slightly less variety than some of the other places on this list, Dirty Bones’ stand-alone chicken and waffles is another one of my absolute favourite dishes in London. Sometimes simplicity really is key to the perfect dish!

Dirty Bones’ chicken and waffles are also available on the weekend brunch menu, topped with a fried egg (for that extra dash of morning protein).

Inspired by the restaurants of NYC, Dirty Bones serves a mouth-watering menu of American classics, including the indulgent Yankee Dog, succulent slow-cooked pork belly ribs, mac & cheese in every form, perfect buttermilk fried chicken and an extravagant cocktail list.

So it’s no wonder that Dirty Bones is one of the best restaurants in London for chicken and waffles, the ultimate American comfort food dish which has grown greatly in popularity in the UK over the last few years.

Turkey and waffles with cranberry sauce and brussel sprouts at Dirty Bones London

Thanksgiving turkey and waffles (Photo credit: @dirtyboneslondon Instagram)

Dirty Bones is occasionally known to do a seasonal special, such as the Thanksgiving 2019 limited-edition Turkey Waffle Stack with cranberry sauce and brussel sprouts.

Price for chicken & waffles: £11.

Visit their website.





Where? Camden, Islington, Canary Wharf, Westfield Stratford City and Brixton.

Chicken and waffles at Bird London

Chicken & waffles and chicken waffle burger (Photo credit: @bird_restaurant Instagram)

Branding itself as ‘London’s original chicken & waffle joint’, Bird claims to have been the first to bring the iconic dish over to London as well as being home to the original chicken and waffle burger.

The restaurant specialises in chicken and waffles, with four variations available;

  • The classic chicken and waffles with honey butter and maple syrup.
  • The original chicken and waffle burger with American cheese, bacon, mayo and BBQ sauce.
  • Caribbean chicken and waffles with coconut jerk sauce, BBQ sauce and pineapple and mango relish.
  • Nashville hot chicken and waffles with Nashville hot sauce, buttermilk ranch and pickles.

As well as American-style chicken and waffles, Bird also serves some tasty chicken burgers, gluten-free fried chicken and a variety of international side dishes such as mac & cheese, mash & gravy, Canadian poutine and Korean cheesy fries.

Bonus – no need to feel bad as all of Bird’s chicken is completely free-range!

Price for chicken & waffles: £11 – £13.

Visit their website.




Sweet Chick

Where? Fitzrovia (Close to Oxford Circus).

Chicken and waffle flat-lay on table

Chicken and waffles (Photo credit: @sweetchicklifeuk Instagram)

Sweet Chick is an authentic American comfort food joint, originating in Williamsburg Brooklyn and spreading across New York and Los Angeles before finally making its way to its first London home in 2019.

The restaurant calls its food ‘New American Comfort – rustic but modern American comfort food and twists on classic dishes and cocktails.’

The menu is just about as American as you’ll find in the UK, with items such as cornbread, southern-style biscuits, mac & cheese, ribs, shrimp and plenty of fried chicken.

Chicken and waffles at Sweet Chick London

Different chicken and waffle dishes (Photo credit @sweetchicklifeuk & @lateef.photography Instagram)

This also means that they serve some of the tastiest chicken and waffles in town, with several options including the standard chicken and waffles with hot honey, Nashville Hot! fried chicken and waffles, buffalo fried chicken and waffles with blue cheese and a cheese-lovers dream with chicken, mozzarella and a parmesan waffle.

Sweet Chick also serves a vegetarian option with seitan fried chicken and waffles.

Price for chicken & waffles: £15.50 – £17.

Visit their website.




The Breakfast Club

Where? Soho, London Bridge, Canary Wharf, Spitalfields, Battersea, Hoxton, Angle and Hackney.

Chicken and waffle with mac & cheese and a coffee on yellow table at breakfast Club in London

Chicken and waffle with mac & cheese (Photo credit: @thebrekkyclub & @barbaraantigua Instagram)

Although being better known for their amazing pancake stacks, The Breakfast Club also serves up a mean chicken and waffles too.

Named after the iconic 80’s film with the same name, the cafe was first started in 2005 by two ’80’s kids’ and was filled with ‘junk’ from their childhood bedrooms. Now over 15 years later, the brand’s numerous cafes across London are still decorated in that same cool retro fashion.

Found on their lunch and dinner menu, The Breakfast Club’s fried chicken and waffles are served with pickles, jalapeños, pepper sauce and maple syrup. And even better… The dish automatically comes with a pot of mac & cheese – the ultimate comfort food pairing!

Pancake stacks at the Breakfast Club London

Brekkie Club pancake stacks (Photo credit: @thebrekkyclub Instagram)

Plus, don’t forget to leave room for one of The Breakfast Club’s famous OTT pancake stacks for dessert.

You’re going to want to turn up extra hungry for this one!

Price for chicken & waffles: £12.

Visit their website.




The Diner

Where? Shoreditch, Soho, Camden and Spitalfields.

Chicken, waffles and onion rings at The Diner London

Chicken, waffles and onion rings (Photo credit: @thedineruk Instagram)

The Diner is a super chilled-out American-inspired diner, serving up a large selection of classic diner favourites and an all-day breakfast menu.

You’ll be amazed at how many indulgent American comfort food dishes are on the menu at the Diner, from mouth-watering pancake stacks and scrumptious shakes to decadent burgers and hot dogs, and every type of fully-loaded fries you could imagine.

Plus, The Diners large menu is complimented by even larger portions, so it’s definitely not the place to visit while on a diet! Their huge chicken and waffle plate comes with maple syrup, onion rings and a side of American slaw.

Price for chicken & waffles: £11.95.

Visit their website.




The Fat Bear

The Fat Bear has recently closed its doors in St Pauls. I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated if/when they open another restaurant in London.

Chicken and Waffles at the Fat Bear London

Chicken and waffles alongside other classic dishes (Photo credit: The Fat Bear Website)

The Fat Bear is a great local spot serving award-winning regional American food in the heart of the City of London. The relaxed and unpretentious restaurant is widely considered one of the best American restaurants in London for Cajun, Creole, Southern and Soul Food.

The restaurant’s chicken and waffle dish consists of boneless chicken thighs sitting on top of a waffle and drizzled with sriracha maple syrup. And if you want it even spicier you can ask to make it ‘Buffalo Style’.

The Fat Bear is home to one of the fancier dishes of chicken and waffles in London, with the menu also suggesting a wine pairing of ‘La Vie en Rose’ Cinsault Rosé to accompany your dish. This is the go-to spot for those looking to impress a date.

Price for chicken & waffles: £13.50 (+1.50 for Buffalo Style).





Where? Spitalfields, Fulham and Soho.

HotBox Chicken and Waffles London

Chicken and waffles (Photo credit: @hotboxldn & @feastlondon / @fitwaffle Instagram)

HotBox is an American BBQ specialist famous in London for its “meaty barbecue masterpieces” cooked using a combination of kiln-dried Hickory and Oak in their 1-tonne Rotisserie Smoker.

What originally started as a street-food venture, Hot Box now has three casual yet sophisticated restaurants in permanent homes in some of London’s food markets; Spitalfields, Market Hall Fulham and Market Hall West End.

Unfortunately chicken and waffles aren’t available on the restaurant’s evening menu, however, there is an amazing selection of burgers, tacos, wings and delicious smoked meats.

But if it’s chicken and waffles you’re after, HotBox’s brunch menu features an amazing truffle chicken and buttermilk waffles which definitely deserve a place on any list of the best chicken and waffle in London.

Price for chicken & waffles: £10.

Visit their website.




BONUS: Duck and Waffle

Where? City of London and West End.

Duck and waffle London

Okay, it may not be chicken and waffle, but it’s a pretty similar dish served at one of London’s most iconic restaurants – Duck and Waffle – so I thought it was worth a mention!

Duck and Waffle is a luxury and internationally-renowned British restaurant located on the 40th floor of one of London’s tallest buildings, with breathtaking views over the city. It is open 24/7, serving everything from breakfast and brunch to late-night dinner, desserts and cocktails.

But the one consistent dish on the menu at all times (as the name would suggest), is the restaurant’s signature duck and waffle, consisting of crispy leg confit and a fried duck egg on top of a waffle served with a mustard maple syrup.

In 2017, Duck and Waffle also opened a second and far more accessible floor-level restaurant named Duck and Waffle Local in Piccadilly, which is available on a walk-in basis for those who can’t secure a reservation at its fancier older brother. Taking a more fast-food style approach to dining, Duck and Waffle Local is also more affordable than the original.

Price for duck & waffle: £20 (D&W), £16 (D&W Local).

Visit their website: Duck & Waffle / Duck and Waffle Local.



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